Cold War

Timeline created by naderelhatem
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    The cuban missile crisis was an improtant event because it was when the soviet union was going to shoot missiles from cuba at the U.S.
  • John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy
    Kennedy is shot and killed in dallas texas. After he is killed his vice president Johnson becomes president.
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

     Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
    Covers three mutually reinforcing pillars which are disarmament, nonproliferation, and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. It affected us by making a treaty with other countries.
  • Paris Peace Accords

    Paris Peace Accords
    Made to remove American involvment from the vietnam war.
  • Vietnam

    North vietnam beat south vietnam. This is bad because then south vietnam turns into a communist country with north vietnam.