• Introduction

    Cloud is a method of transferring and storing data online. it allows for a lot of uses more than storage such as collaborative spaces whilst reducing the complexity of making changes to the system
  • lesson 1

    Cloud Services
    looked at the evolution of cloud computing how it became more and advanced and accessible.
    looked at reasons a person or a company would migrate to the cloud.
  • A

    I will see how cloud technology and their tools are used in organisations. How the organisation benefits from cloud computing compared to physical computing. How the organisation is safe protected from having data stolen from.
  • B

    Create a cloud based service for a client that the client can collaborate with people with which meets the client's needs.
  • C

    I will test and maintain the cloud based collaboration and refine the system. Evaluate my own skills and knowledge. Present the finished product to the client
  • Lesson 2

    Looked at SaaS, PaaS and IaaS in cloud computing.
    Looked at virtualization its advantages and disadvantages as well as how they work.
  • Last lesson 2

    looking at SaaS software as a service
    IaaS Infrastructure as a service
    and PaaS platform as a service which all use cloud computing to provide a service
  • lesson 3

    learned about PuTTY and HyperTerminal which are terminal emulation software that are used to connect to remote networks.
  • Last lesson 3

    learned anout PuTTY and HyperTerminal which emulated terminals and are used to connect remote networks.
  • Lesson 4

    created an Secure Shell communication so that the terminals are secure and are less likely to be accessed by unauthorized personnel.
    learned about different ports and their protocols such as File Transfer Protocol
  • Lesson 5

    Created a VPN tunnel between two different subnets so that data could be encrypted and sent privately through the internet.
  • Lesson 6

    Did the netacad cloud and collaboration introduction to cloud.
    did introduction to cloud and infrastructure to cloud and the essentials elements of it. as well as the service models of cloud such as Paas, Iaas and Saas.
  • Lesson 7

    Lesson 7
    within cloud there are shared responsibilities between the consumer and the company delivering the cloud model the consumer manages host/server security, the network and data and application security. the provider manages physical infrastructure, virtualisation/abstraction and applications services
  • Lesson 8

    Lesson 8
    service allows for access to the internet.
    SDN are preferred as they are more secure than VLAN.
    SDN provides a decouple control plane that is easier to secure.
    OpenFlow is an example of SDN.
    SDNs aren't necessarily tied to an IP.
  • Lesson 9

    Lesson 9
    FACTS started cloud assignment 2 developed a plan based off of the requirements of the client
    EMOTION I feel like it will be easy to understand
    BENEFIT allows for time to be spent on research and understanding how the cloud platform works
    IDEAS getting used to the cloud platform will allow for a better written assignment.
    PLANNING get used to the platform and get into a team of five
    JUDGEMENT giving the amount of access required may be complicated