Close Up War On Terror

  • Terrorist Attack on the Twin Towers

  • New Office of Homeland Security?

  • Operation Enduring Freedom

  • Transportation Security Administration

  • The Terrorist Threat Integration Center

  • Capture of 6 suspected Al Queda members

  • Department of Homeland Security

  • Govenor Tom Ridge; Secretaty DHS

  • Arrest of Alleged architect of 9/11

  • Operation Liberty Shield

  • Operation Iragi Freedom

  • $79 billion Wartime Supplement

    helps fund Iraqi Freedom
  • TopOff II

    week-long national training exercise for emergency prepardness
    and response.
  • Dirty Bomb

    The arrest by Thai police, on a tip from U.S. authorities, of Narong Penanam, who tried to sell cesium-137 to make a
    “dirty bomb.”
  • Brooklyn Bridge Attack??

    Arrest and guilty plea unsealed of Iyman Faris, an Ohio truck driver who plotted with Osama Bin Laden to destroy the
    Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Project Bioshield

    House passage of Project Bioshield to help prevent and inoculate for bio-terror attack.
  • Capture of:

    Iraqi Vice President Taha Yasin Ramadan Al-Jizrawi, #20 on U.S. Most Wanted list, captured.
  • Detainee Rights?

  • Defying Bush?

  • Tougher flying rules

  • Drone kills 30

  • Bin Laden Killed