Cleveland TX Child Gang Rape Timeline

  • First Assault Occurs

    Indictments allege that this is the date of the first sexual assault, and that at least two perpetrators are involved.
  • Period: to

    Victim's Demeanor Changed

    A youth program worker familiar with the victim noticed a change in the victim's demeanor. When questioned, the victim told the worker, "It's just something I can't tell you."
  • Second Assault Occurs

    Indictments allege that this is the date of the second assault, and that at least two perpetrators are involved.
  • Third Assault Occurs - First Location

    Indictments allege that this is the the date of the third assualt, which occurs at two locations, and that at least three perpetrators are involved. During this phase occurring at a private residence, the victim overhears the original perpetrators calling other individuals by mobile telephone to invite them to participate/observe.
  • Third Assault Occurs - Second Location

    After an interruption, the third assault continues at a nearby abandoned trailer home. During this second phase, additional perpetrators/observers arrive.
  • Friend Alerts Cleveland ISD Authorities

    A friend of the victim's alerts a teacher to the existence and widespread dissemination of cell-'phone video recorded during the assault.
  • Cleveland ISD Police Chief Refers Case to Cleveland Police

    Cleveland ISD security personnel discuss the assault allegations with the victim and her mother. After investigating the situation, the school district Police Chief determines that a sexual assault has occurred away from school property, so he refers the matter to the Cleveland Police Department.
  • Cleveland Police Issue Search Warrant

    Warrant issued for the private residence and the abaonded trailer home where the Nov. 28th attacks occurred,
  • 4 Cleveland ISD Students Arrested

    Charges: Aggravated sexual assualt of a child under the age of 14.
  • Total: 18 Charged, 13 Arrested

    As of this date, 18 adults and five juveniles (ages 14 - 27) have been charged, the adults were indicted the previous month for aggravated sexual assault of a child.
  • Cleveland Police Chief : "The investigation is ongoing."

  • Up to 28 Individuals Could be Charged

    A defense attorney representing four suspects arrested in the case said that he was told this.
  • Quanell X Speaks at Cleveland Meeting

    "You mean to tell me that the only men in Cleveland, Texas, that had sex with that girl are black men who are locked up in the jail?" The activist asked the crowd. He also asked the crowd, "My God, did they have a Negro roundup?"
  • Judge Morefield Issues Gag Order

    This gag order, requested by the Prosecutor's office, applies to pre-trial discussion with the media of case by "all parties, caseworkers, parents, siblings, relatives related by blood or marriage, and foster parents involved in this case." The gag order also applies to "all attorneys, their staffs, agents, and employees, the Defendant, and all law enforcement officers involved in this case," and possible expert and non-expert witnesses.
  • Cleveland Police Arrest 19th Suspect

    The 26 year old turned himself in after seeing his photo posted on the Liberty County sheriff office's "10 Most Wanted" website.