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CL (Chaerin Lee)

  • Chaerin Lee's childhood

    Chaerin Lee's childhood
    이채린; Lee Chae-rin; born February 26, 1991. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, but spent much of her early life in various places where she learned English, French, and Japanese due to her father being a physics professor. She spent much of her youth in Japan,France and USA
  • Period: to

    CL's life

    CL's life from start to present
  • CL, JYP Trainee

    CL, JYP Trainee
    CL was once a trainee under JYP Entertainment, where she befriended Wonder Girls' Sohee and Yeeun; 2pm's Junsu and Miss A's Min.
  • CL YG Trainee

    CL YG Trainee
    As a teenager, her family took permanent residence again in South Korea where she auditioned for YG Entertainment and was accepted in 2006.
  • First Feature, Hot Issue

    First Feature, Hot Issue
    Before her very 1st feature Big Bang’s 2nd Mini Album, title song “Hot Issue”, in late 2007, she was only known as the “mysterious 16 year-old” YG trainee.
  • Stage Debut

    Stage Debut
    CL made her official stage debut on Seoul Broadcasting System Music Awards along side of all her fellow artist of YG Entertainment.
  • First Credited Appearance

    First Credited Appearance
    Her first credited appearance in a song was in 2008, with Uhm Jung Hwa's "DJ," in which she rapped.[4] Lee also appeared on YMGA's track "What" as part of the YG Family.
  • 2ne1 Debut, Lollipop

    2ne1 Debut, Lollipop
    CL was placed in YG's new girl group 2NE1 as the leader, along with Sandara Park, Park Bom, and Gong Min-ji. 2NE1 was announced in 2009 and debuted with "Lollipop, a collaboration with senior label-mates Big Bang. Lollipop was commercial campaign with Big Bang for LG Electronics. The song gained immediate success, but questions were still raised as to whether the group could survive on its own.
  • 2ne1's Fire

    2ne1's Fire
    On May 6, 2009, two versions of their debut song “Fire”‘s Music Video were released, igniting the fire that would spread throughout the Kpop world.
  • 2ne1 topping the charts

    2ne1 topping the charts
    2NE1 performed their debut stage on May 17th on SBS Inkigayo. Their song “Fire” topped charts for weeks. The group was awarded three Cyworld Digital Music Awards; "Lollipop" and "Fire" both won "Song of the Month" and the group won "Rookie of the Month" for May 2009.
  • First Mutizen

    First Mutizen
    2NE1 received their first Mutizen award after their fourth stage performance in SBS Inkigayo (Popular Song) on June 14, 2009
  • Second Mutizen

    Second Mutizen
    They received their second Mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo on June 21, 2009
  • 2ne1's I don't care

    2ne1's I don't care
    2NE1 hit the top spot again with their song “I Don’t Care” from their first mini-album. The song was released on July 1, 2009 and hit number one on the charts the same day. A reggae version of "I Don't Care" was performed on SBS's Inkigayo, signaling the end of promotions for the song.
  • New Comer's Award

    New Comer's Award
    2NE1 performed in the 6th Asia Song Festival in September 2009, where they received the 2009's "Asian Newcomer's Award.
  • CL and Minzy, please don't go

    CL and Minzy, please don't go
    On November 20th, 2009, CL and Minzy released their duet Digital Single “Please Don’t Go.” The song proven to be great success topping numerous charts, grabbing Mnet most popular song the last week of November 2009 even without the release of any Music video
  • 2ne1's Follow Me

    2ne1's Follow Me
    On February 8th, 2010, 2NE1 released a surprise digital single “Try to Follow me” as a track for their upcoming CF endorsement for Samsung Anycall Corby F.
  • 2ne1's First Album

    2ne1's First Album
    The first studio and full length album, To Anyone, was released on September 9, 2010 and was a huge success. The album contains 12 tracks including three title songs, namely "Clap Your Hands" (Korean: "박수 쳐"), "Go Away" and "Can't Nobody", which were promoted simultaneously. 2NE1 won first place on Mnet M! Countdown for "Clap Your Hands" on the day of their comeback, followed by a K-Chart win the next day on KBS Music Bank for "Go Away", and a Mutizen a week after their SBS Inkigayo comeback