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Communications during the Industrial Revolution

By celinee
  • Electric Telegraph

    Electric Telegraph
    Georges Louis Lesage patents the electric telegraph. Electric Telegraph uses electric signals to send communication via radio or line. This was used as a communication of people but only inside the same country.
  • Typewriter

    This was the most important device during those days used by editors in newspapers. This was important because this helped Industrial Revolution by providing fast information from the reporters to the editors which then later, published to the citizen. This was invented by W.S Burt in 1829.
  • Telegraph

    Another telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse. The use of this telegraph is almost the same as electric telegraph. This was used for communcations during those days.
  • Modern Typewriter

    Modern Typewriter
    Christopher Scholes invented the first practical and modern typewriter during the 1867s. This was the improvement of the old typewritter but the function of it is similar. It is used by the editors and reporters to spread informations to the people living inside the country.
  • Telephone

    The first telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell. This device allowed people to communicate with other people living in a longer distance. This made communication easier between business men during the Industrial Revolution.
  • Phonograph

    Phonograph was first invented by Thomas Alfa Edison. This tool was used for communication before the telephone was invented. People were amazed by how they can hear a dead man's voice who was thought to be gone forever only by this simple tool.