Civil War Timeline

Timeline created by Timmy Utsler
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  • Battle of Fort Sumter

    Battle of Fort Sumter
    Confederate forces bombard the fort from batteries in the harbor. No casualties, Union surrender, starting the Civil War.
  • Battle of Cheat Mountain

    Battle of Cheat Mountain
    300 Union troops were able to repel waves of unorganized Confederate attacks.
  • Battle of Port Royal

    Battle of Port Royal
    Union fleet outguns forts in Port Royal, South Carolina. One of the earliest amphibious assaults in the Civil War.
  • Battle of Fort Henry

    Battle of Fort Henry
    Union gunboats successfully bombard the Confederate fort and cause them to retreat.
  • Battle of Isnland Number 10

    Battle of Isnland Number 10
    Union gunboats attack and capture island 10 on the Mississippi River
  • Battle of Fort Macon

    Battle of Fort Macon
    Union troops successfully bombard Fort Macon, causing a Confederate surrender.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Battle of Yorktown
    Union forces sieged Yorktown and won, although they lost more troops than the Confederates did.
  • Battle of Fort Darling

    Battle of Fort Darling
    A Union gunboat attack is repelled by Confederate artillery positions in Fort Darling.
  • Battle of Cedar Mountain

    Battle of Cedar Mountain
    Initially a Union attack, the Confederate Army launched a counter-attack, resulting in a Confederate victory.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    A major and decisive battle fought on the Antietam Creek. Mainly a stalemate, although Union forces made slow progress. Once Union reinforcemnets arrived, they won.
  • Battle of Sheperdstown

    Battle of Sheperdstown
    Confederate forces counter attack Union brigades and defeat them head on.
  • Siege of Jackson

    Siege of Jackson
    Union force led by General Sherman capture the city of Vicksburg after intense gunfighting.
  • New York Draft Riots

    New York Draft Riots
    New Yorkers engage in gunfights with Union troops over the decision by Congress to draft men to fight in the civil war.
  • Battle of Salyersville

    Battle of Salyersville
    Union push into the city of Salyersville, resulting in heavy confederate casualties, and their general being wounded and captured.
  • Battle of Cherbourg

    Battle of Cherbourg
    The USS Kearsarge sinks the CSS Alabama towards the end of the war.
  • Battle of Lewis's Farm

    Battle of Lewis's Farm
    Union springtime push into farm country, outgunning and capturing Confederate trenches.
  • Battle of Five Forks

    Battle of Five Forks
    Fought at the Five Forks road junction, Union forces gained the upper hand, cutting of Confederate supply routes.
  • Battle of Sutherland's Station

    Battle of Sutherland's Station
    Union columns push through entrenched Confederates, but Lee is able to withdraw before they push on.
  • Battle of Appomattox Station

    Battle of Appomattox Station
    Union push in Appomattox Station, defended by Confederate artillery positions and defensive lines of musket men. Union victory, surrounding Confederate forces.
  • Battle of Appomattox Court House

    Battle of Appomattox Court House
    Ulysses S. Grant leads Union troops to surround Lee's forces, Prompting his surrender.