Civil War timeline

  • Period: to

    radical republicans

    who: republicans from the north
    what: wanted the south to change before they were readmitted to the union
    why: because they wanted the south to be different
  • The Anaconda Plan

    What: a 4 part plan by th union to put down confederacy throughout the war, not just one battle
    who: scott
    where: in the union states
  • Battle of Shiloh

    what: union was moving into tenessee, union was pushed back, they regrouped, confederates retreated shortly after. Bloodiest battle thus far
    where: Pittsburg landing, hardin county, tennessee
    who: Grant (union), Johnston, Beauregard
  • Battle at Fort Sumter

    what: first battle of civil war
    who: general beauregard, major anderson
    where:charelston, SC
  • First Battle of Bull Run

    what: union lost after attemtiing to invade confederate capitol, first major land battle, after this battle the union realized the war wasnt going to be as easy as they thought
    where: Fairfax county, prince william couty, virginia
    who: McDowell (union), Beauregard, Jackson (conederacy)
  • Period: to


    what: stonewall jackson died of friendly fire, genrl hooker retired and was replaced by general mead
    who: Lee, Jackson (confederacy), Generl Hooker (union)
  • freemans bureau

    who: poor people in the south
    what: an organization formed to help poormpeople
    why: to help slaves and other poor southerns
  • Period: to

    black codes

    who: people in southern states
    what: laws that were passed in southern states
    why: to limit the new-found freedoms of african americans
  • Period: to

    Klu Klux Klan

    who: white americans
    what: a secret organization formed by white supremacists
    why: they were formed by whites who wanted power over peopl of other races
  • Period: to

    carpet baggers

    who: northerners who moved south
    what: a term for northerners who moved to the south after the civil war
    why: to make money in the south during reconstruction
  • civil rights act

  • reparations

    who: former slaved
    what: the idea that fromer slaves should recieve some sort of compensation
    why: to make up for the act of enslaving people
  • 14th amendment

    who: people of the US
    what: a law that guarenteed citizenship to anyone born or naturalized in the US
    why: to give people citizenship
  • 15th amendment

    who: all men who were US citizens
    what: a law that gave them the right to vote
    why: to make it so that all men, both black and white, had the right to vote
  • share cropping

    who: former slaves, african americans
    what: land rented by former slaves from their former slve owners
    why: to help newly freed slaves have land of their own, but offen at rediculous prices