Civil Rights Timeline

  • Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a public bus

  • Montgomery bus boycott

    This is were everyone boycotted because Rosa Parks was arrested due to the bus incident.
  • Governor Farbus of Arkansas brings in National Guard to prevent black students from going into a white school

    This is where police officers where told to use violence to prevent the black from going to school.
  • Sit in at Woolworth's lunch counter

    Where black students sat at the counter of fast food restraunts. They refused to leave until they were served. But most of the time the were refused. Then they would be taken out by force and brutally beaten.
  • Freedom riders bus burned

    A group of people who decided to ride this bus around the southern states for standing up for their rights. Well the bus was burning causing them having to get off the bus and then they all were arrested.
  • The Other America written by Michael Harrington

    Became the speaker for democractic socialism.
  • MLK writes Letter from a Birmingham jail

    The letter said that he was involced in the birngham protest which was not violent.
  • Peaceful demonstrators ruthlessly attacked in Birmingham, Alabama- MLK arrested.

    Civil rights dedmonstrators were brutally beaten. Thousands were arrested.
  • March on Washington

  • I have a Dream speech

    Given by Martin Luther King. He spoke in front of hundreds of thousands of people preaching race equality.

  • Lyndon B. Johnson becomes President

    He was president from 63-69.
  • 24th amendment passed

    It prevents anyone taking the right to vote from you.
  • Civil Rights bill passed

    This bill abolishes slavery.
  • Malcom x dies

    He died by gunfire.
  • Voting rights act 1965

    This ensures that you have the right to vote regardless of race or color.
  • Watts riots

    A riot that lasted 6 days in Los Angles. 3000 people were arrested and 2000 injured.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. assasinated

    He was killed on his balcony by gunfire.
  • Forced busing begins

    It says schools have to allow black children to take the bus.