Civil Rights Movement :Kennedy Forbes p:5

  • Supreme court takes action

    Supreme court takes action
    The Supreme Court ruled that every state had to offer equal eduaction oppurtunities .
  • Truman Reacts

    Truman Reacts
    Truman creates the Comittee on Civil Rights to study racial discrimination and find federal solutions .
  • Segragation comes to an End

    Segragation comes to an End
    Truman ends all segragtion in military and baned racial discrimination by hiring fedeal employees .
  • Sweatt v. Painter

    Sweatt v. Painter
    Supreme court ruled that Sweat that the new school did not provide eqaul academic prestige. The court ordered the university to admit Sweatt to its law school.
  • Court case

    Brown vs. Board of Education case . NAACP decides to focus on ending segregation .
  • Desegregate

    The court ordred schools to desegregate.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white person. As a result MLK and others arranged to give blacks rides .
  • Bus Boycott

    Bus Boycott
    Montgomery's Bus Boycott is announced illegal and MLK became the leader of the civil rights movement.
  • Little Rock Nine

    Little Rock Nine
    Nine African Americans were choosen to attend Central High School.
  • Ernest Green

    Ernest Green
    Was the frist African American to graduate from Central high School.
  • Period: to


    Little Rock school was closed and then opened ,starting to adopt integration .
  • First Black Student

    First Black Student
    The Court ruled the University of Mississippi to accept James Meredith as first black student