Rosa parks bus

Civil rights movement

  • Plessy versus Ferguson

    Plessy versus Ferguson
    Homer plessy was arrested for sitting in the white section while being 1/8 black
  • Brown Versus Board of Education

    Brown Versus Board of Education
    Oliver Brown was a Black man who tried to have his son enrolled in one of topekas white schools but was denied. He took this to the High Court and won and that ended the segregation of black and white children in schools.
  • Murder of Emmit Till

    Murder of Emmit Till
    Emmit Till was brutally murdered on August 28 1955 by two men for whistling at a white woman. They forced him to carry a cottin gin fan to the bank of a river and then they beat him almost to death. The two shot him in the head and tied him to the fan with barbed wire
  • Rosa Parks did not give up her seat on the bus

    Rosa Parks did not give up her seat on the bus
    Rosa parks was a 42 year old seamstress who was riding the bus home. All the white seats were taken and she was in the row write behind them. A white man got on the bus and the driver made the four blacks including Parks move but parks did not move and was arrested for it
  • Bus boycot

    Bus boycot
    bus boycot started