Civil Rights Movement

By bgault
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Rosa Parks starts a 381 day bus boycott organized by Martain Luther King jr.
  • Freedom riders oppose segregation

    Blacks and whites take busses to the south to protest segregation in bus stops
  • March on Washington Avenue

    More than 200,000 blacks and whites gather for the "I hd a dream" speach
  • Bombing of Birmingham Church

    4 black girls are killed by bomb
  • 24th Ammendment passed

    Poll taves are outlawed allowing more blacks to register to vote
  • Civil Rights Act Passed

    Congress passes law prohibiting racial descrimination
  • Malcom X assassinated

    Malcom X killed by back opponents
  • Selma to Montgomery march

    King lead a 54 mile walk to support black voter registration
  • Detroit Roit

    One of the worst riots in history, resulting in 43 deaths
  • Martain Luther King Assassinated

    King is shot by James Earl Ray