Civil Rights Events

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  • Sweatt v. Painter

    Sweatt v. Painter
    In Sweatt v. Painter the Supreme court allows a black graduate student to attend the University of Oklahoma. Sweatt had to sit at a seperate lunch counter and study at a different library though. This was an important political event because it was a stepping stone to let African American students attend school with whites due to the Supreme Court's ruling.
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    In Brown v. Board of Education, Linda Brown was not allowed to go to an all white school. She challenged the board in court and the Supreme Court ruled seperate schools unconstitutional. This was a very important politial event because it made it possible for children to go to school together.
  • Emmett Till Murdered

    Emmett Till Murdered
    A teenager from Chicago named Emmett Till was murdered for wistling to a white female and saying "bye, baby." His murders were covicted not guilty in court. This was a social even because it caused an uproar with people who believed that Hill did not get justice and because they thought people were over-reacting by murdering a teenage boy for something so small.
  • Little Rock Nine

    Little Rock Nine
    Central High School in Little Rock was court ordered to allow 9 black students to enroll to the school after the Brown v. Board of Education. The people of the school were upset and when the 9 students arrived they greeted them with hostility and anger. This was an important social event because the president of the USA got involved and this was also a huge stepping stone to inergration.
  • Rosa Parks refuses

    Rosa Parks refuses
    Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery City bus to a white passenger so she was jailed and fined $10 for breaking the law. This was an important politial event because Park's jailing sparked the Montgomery bus boycott.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott begins

    Montgomery Bus Boycott begins
    Impired by Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to a white man, blacks refused to ride the busses to show thier support to the cause. This was an important Economic event because it cut off all mone6y going torwards the busing industry.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott ends

     Montgomery Bus Boycott ends
    Supreme Court rules that that the law on bus seating is against the 14th ammendment, bringing the boycott to an end, This is a very important social event because it allowed all of the African Americans participating to want to ride the busses again and for the bus companies to get income from them.
  • Greensboro "Coffee Party"

    Greensboro "Coffee Party"
    In Woolworth's lunch counter, 4 freshmen from A&T College sit in the bar even though they would not get served. This was a spark and started many other sit ins international. The "coffee party" was a important economic event because they made Woolworth's close early and affect buisness. Also it inspired other sit in's that also effected income.
  • Protests in Brimingham

    Protests in Brimingham
    A peaceful protest took place in Brimingham lead by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This protest included sit-ins, boycotts, etc to show how segregated Brimingham was. Police took violent actions, They attacked protesters with dogs, firehoses, etc. All of this was shown on TV. This was an important social event because it showed the veiw on blacks from police and the rest of Brimingham.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    Over 250,000 people of all colors gathered in Washington DC. All of these people were supporting jobs and freedom for African Americans. During the March on Washington Dr. Martin Luther Kind Jr. spoke his famous speach "I have a Dream." This was a major political event because it pushed the senate and house to make laws for equality.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Civil Rights Act of 1964
    This act outlaws desrimination of anyone due to race or gender. This is included in voting, education, and employment. This was a major economic event because it allowed blacks and females to get jobs and work.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    600 protesters gathered at Edmund Pettus Bridge to march to Salma from Montgomery to protest Governer Wallace for black voting rights. After they cross the bridge State Troopers attack the protesters causing the most bloodiest day in the Civil Rights protests. This was a huge political event because it pushed President Lyndon B. Johnson to send black voting rights on the 15th.
  • Harper v. Virgina Board of Elections

    Harper v. Virgina Board of Elections
    This made it so that poll taxes were not nessesary for voting, This was an important economic event because it didnt matter anymore if you could pay, you got to vote anyway. This was one of the reasons African Americans were kept from voting.
  • Black Feeling, Black Talk

     Black Feeling, Black Talk
    Nikki Giovonni sold over 10k copies the first year alone. Some call "Black Feeling, Black Talk" as one of the most influential African-American poems of all time. This is why it was an important social event.
  • Black Voting

    Black Voting
    More than 800,000 black voters are registered in the states thanks to the Voting Rights Acts. Black registration increased from 20% of the voting age population to 56%. In Mississippi, 60% of the black voting-age population is registered.