Civil Rights

By 2033716
  • Plessey Vs Ferguson

    The case was about segregation. It resulted as seperate but equal.
  • Brown vs board of education

    Ended segregation in school.
  • Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus

    A white lady told Rosa to get up from her seat because her feet were tired. Rosa made a speech about how she was tired of bieng segregated.
  • Motgomery bus boycott

    Martin Luther king heard about Rosa parks being arrested so people told all African Americans to stop riding the bus. The leaders of that were arrested even though they didnt do anything wrong. The boycott lasted for a year 1955-1956.
  • Govener of Arkansas calls National Guard to keep black students from entering school

    When the govener told the guard to keep black students from entering school the President said that he had to let them in school. The Govener shut down all public schools.
  • Sit in Woolworth's lunch counter

    A resturaunt said that you can go sit their for free. The blacks started going so they decided they would serve the blacks. It increased business for them.
  • Freedom riders bus burned

    A group of people called the freedom riders were riding the bus. Somebody burned there bus down.
  • Letter from Birmingham Jail

    Martin Luther King was arrested and when he was in jail he sent out a letter to the people. The letter was a cry, a cry that he is tired of blacks not being treated right.
  • March on Washington

    When MLK got out of jail he ordered a march in Washington D.c. There he stood on Lincolns memorial and gave his "I have a dream speech."
  • John F Kennedy Assassinated

    John f Kennedy was killed by someone.
  • Lyndon B Johnson becomes president

    LBJ becomes president. Hes an idealist, he creates a perfect society.
  • Civil Rights Bill Passed

    LBJ worked hard omn passing this law and finnaly did. JFK started the Civil Rights Bill.
  • Voting Rights Act passed

    LBJ passed a law saying that no matter what ethnicity, race, gender etc. you are if your legal you can vote.
  • Martin Luther King assassinated

    MlK assassinated.
  • Forced bussing

    Forced bussing was when they said a certain number of blacks would be in a white school, or a certain number of women would be in a science class. Even if they lived far from the school they would be picked up and taken there.