civil rights

By 1047505
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    civil rights

  • plessy vs. furgoson

  • brown vs board of education

    leads to de segrigation of schools
  • rosa parks arrested for refusing to give up seat on bus

  • begining of montgomory bus boycot

    lasts untill 56 and causes a desegrigation of busses
  • governor of arkonsas calls in natinal gaurd to keep blacks out of school.

    the president says that he cant so he shuts all schools down.
  • sit in at woolworths lunch counter

  • freedom riders bus burned

  • letter from burmingham jail

    mlk was arrested for marching and writes a letter to everyone to help end black oppreshion
  • march on washington/i have a dream speach

  • jfk assassinated/ lbj becomes president

  • civil rights bill passed

  • voting rights act

  • martain luther king assassinated

  • forced bussing