civil rights

By 317792
  • brown vs. board of education

    segregation in schools is inherently unequal
  • rosa parks

    she refused to move from the front of the buss to the back.
  • montgomery bus boycott

    mlk told all blacks not to ride the bus for a whole year.
  • governor of arkansas calls national guard to orevent black students

    he didnt want black students to come into the schools
  • sit in

    black students would sit in somewhere everyday and more and more people would come do it.
  • freedom riders

    they were people wqho supported blacks and what they did. their bus got burned
  • mlk letter.

    mlk wa sin berminghaqm jail and sent a letter out to the people
  • march on wasshington

    mlk gave his i have a dream speach.
  • jfk

    jfk was killed
  • lbj

    lib became president after jfks death accused of killing him
  • civil rights bill

    law passed for equal right for blacks and whites
  • malcom x

    melcome x was for blacks
  • voting rights act

    women and blacks could vote
  • malcome x deid

    malcome x was killed
  • mlk dies

    mlk was killed at a hotel
  • forced bussing