civil rights

By 2060933
  • brown vs. board of education

    segregation in schools is inherently unequal.
  • rosa parks

    she refused to give up her sit on the bus for a white man
  • montgomery bus boycott

    happen through 1955-1956
  • governor of arkansas calls natioal guard to prevent blacks students

    from public school
  • sit in at woolwoth's luch counter

    • 4 black students refused service
    • stage a sit in
    • by the end of the week > 100 students
  • freedom riders bus burned

  • mlk writes letter from a birmingham city jail

    • gains support for civil rights movement
  • march on washington

    • king gives "I have a deam" speech
    • jfk assassinated
    • lbj becomes persident
  • civil rights passed

  • malcom little (x)

    • assassinated 1965
  • voting right act

  • martin luter king assassinated

  • forced bussing