Civil rights

By 2063415
  • brown vs board of education

    segrigation in school is inherentiy unequal
  • Rosa parks

    -Rosa park refused to give up her seat on the bus.
    -montgomery bus boycott
  • Governor of Arkansa fefused blacks

    -the governor called national guard to prevent black students
  • sit in at wodworths luch center

    4black students fefused service and by end of week 1000 students joined.
  • freedom riders bus burned

    the bus got burened
  • MLK writes letter

    -MLK wrote a letter and got support from civil rights
    then came the march on wasington and king gave his "i have a dream speach"
    -jfk gets assassinated
    -lbj becomes president
  • Civil rights bill passed

  • voting rights act

    mlacom little gets assassinated
  • MLK assassination

  • forced bussing

    people got foced to take bussses to diffrent schools becuase there was still segrigation