Civil Rights

  • Brown vs Board of Educatioin

    a eight year old African-American girl, had been denied permission to attend an elementary school only five blocks from her home
  • Period: to

    Civil Rights

  • Emmett Till

    Emmett Till a 14 year old boywho got kidnapped from his great uncles house then beaten, shot in the head, and then thrown into Tallahatchie River.
  • Rose Parks

    Rose Parks refuses to give up her seat on a public bus to a whiteman
  • Kings House Bombed

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's house was bombed but no one was injured
  • Little Rock 9

    Arkansas governor Orval Faubus calls the National Guard to prevent nine African American students from integrating Little Rock's Central High School.
  • Sit in

    Four black college students begin sit-ins at the lunch counter of a Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • King is Arrested

    Dr. King is arrested for breaking the state of Georgia's trespassing law while picketing in Atlanta.
  • Letter from a Birmingham Jail

    in his Birmingham cell Dr. King writes about his concerns on the pace of justice in civil rights for Black Americans in his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"
  • I Have a Dream

    Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his most famous speech, "I Have a Dream," in Washinton DC
  • King is assenated

    While standing on the balcony of his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee Dr. Martin Luther King is shot and killed