civil rights

  • Little Rock Nine

    Little Rock Nine
    After Brown v Board of Education set the legal precedent that schools had to be integrated nine students attempted to attend central high school in Little Rock Arkansas. The students were met with heavy resistance and the National Guard was Ordered in to keep the peace.
  • Greensboro Sit-ins

    Greensboro Sit-ins
    Four students from the agricultureal and technological college of north carolina refused to move from a segregated lunch counter at a woolworth's store in greensboro. this movement grew and eventually forced the company to change its policy of racial segregation
  • March on washington

    March on washington
    A politcal march lead by the sclc. Over 200,000 people marched to the mall in washington to hear a number of speakers and most famously MLK's "I have a dream speech".
  • filipino delano grape strike

    filipino delano grape strike
    Filipino workers in delano california organized a massive strike in an attempt to gain better working conditions and a higher wage.
  • March on sacremento

    March on sacremento
    Cesar Chavez leads the NFWA on a march from Delano to sacremento. This march was used to gain attention for the cause and was an attempt to achieve the same goals as the first strike.
  • Senate subcommitte for migratory labor

    Senate subcommitte for migratory labor
    lead by Robert Kennedey, an effort to grant the farm workers the rights that they deserved.
  • McDonalds Boycott ends

    McDonalds Boycott ends
    The Ciw set out to gain fairer prices for the tomatoes they produced. this was accomplished when mcdonalds agreed to pay an additional penny per pound of tomatoes.
  • Burger King

    Burger King
    The CIw reached an agreement with burger king to pay grant higher wages for the farm workers that picked the tomatoes burger king uses.
  • End of taco bell boycott

    End of taco bell boycott
    Four years after the campaign to boycott taco bell the CIW achieved their main goals. they wanted a higher price to be paid for the tomatoes that migrant workers picked.