Civil rights

  • Brown vs. Board of education

    On may 17th 1954 the brown vs. board of education in topekao kansas lwas was passed.
  • Rosa parks arest

    Decmber 1 1955 rosa parks was arested for not giving her seat to a white man. This is also when the montgomery bus boy cot started.
  • Little rock nine

    On may 25th 1957 little rock nine attended little rock high school/
  • Greensbro lunch counter encounter

    On febuary 6th 1960 the greensbro lunch counter encounter began
  • Bombing of sixteenth street

    september 15th 1963 was when then bombing of sixteenth street babtist church happened.
  • Civil rights acted passed

    On july 2nd 1964 the civil rights act wass passed.
  • I have a dream speech

    On september 15th 1964 martin luther king junior gave his i have a dream speech.
  • March from selma to montgomery.

    From March 21- 25th the march from selma to montgomery was happening.
  • Voting act

    On august 6th 1965 the civil rights voting act was passed.
  • Martin luther king junior is assinated

    On april 4th 1968 Martin luther king jr. was assinated.