Civil Rights

By kontio1
  • Emmett Till murdered in Money, Mississippi by Roy Bryant for talking to his wife

    Emmett Till murdered
  • Emmett Till trial throughout September; murderers judged as innocent.

  • Period: to

    Rosa Parks being arrested for sitting at the front of a bus (African Americans were not allowed to do that) leads to Montgomery bus boycott; ends with Supreme Court decision that segregated buses are unconstitutional.

  • Period: to

    Little Rock Nine: 9 black children were blocked from attending a white school as part of an integration plan; President Eisenhower orders national guard paratroopers guarding the students as they walked to school.

  • Period: to

    Black tudents protest lunchroom segregation by siting in lunchrooms and resturants where there was segregation.

  • First "Freedom Ride" to protest segregation.

  • Bus 1 destroyed by white protesters in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Bus 2 is attacked by a white mob in Montgomery, Alabama.

  • Marin Luther King Sr. writes letter from Birmingham jail in response to white religious leaders syaing that he had gone to far with the civil rights movement.

  • 16th Baptist Church Bombings by KKK; four young African American girls are killed

  • "Bloody Sunday": March from Selma to Montgomery protesting the death of Jiimie Lee Jackson were attacked by police.

  • Period: to

    Marches from Selma to Montgomery by civil-rights activists to protest segregation

  • Marchers are turned back by police after crossing the Edmund Peetus Bridge.

  • Period: to

    Marchers march from Selmy to the capital in Montgomery, protected by the Alabam National Guard, FBI agents, and Federal Marshals.