City of Weslaco talks and contract with BFI waste Services

  • City council discussion and consieration to enter into a contract withBFI wASTE mANAGEMENT

    BFI to charge 5% franchise fee to collect items that the city did not collect. Item tabled, Mayor Sanchez recommended for staff to provide the informationto te public and obtain a price list on bulky waste.
  • Period: to

    The Privatization of the City of WESLACO'S Sanitation Fund

  • City Council to reconsider contract with BFI

    After being tabled in previous meeting due to questions from the city commission. City manager Cocacevich stated contract did not have to be bided out.
  • City Council to reconsider contract with BFI

    unanimous decision for BFI to pick up waste that the city did not.

    cITY manager Cocacevich stated contract had been approved in July 20, 2004, but the contract had been modified to include additional language. He mentioned BFI would be the subcontractor for the city and recommended approval of the contract. Commissioner Rios stated they needed to be told about the terms of the contracts.
  • City council approves brush rate pick up by BFI

    City Council amends increase of residential brush rate to #5.95 pre month. City Manager Covacevich stated FI had given notiece to the city that at the end of the year they would no longer collect brush under the exisitn terms. The current rate had been $4.20 per month.
  • council approves $950.00 to attend Trade fair in Austin, TX

    bUDGET ADMENDMENT IN THE Sanitatin Fund for training if action was taken on the privatization of the sanitation services. Motion was made by Mayor Pro-Tem Cuellar and seconeded by Commissioner A. Gonzalez.
  • City Council discusses the privitization of the solid waste collecttion for the city

    City Manager Covacavcich stated problems with sanitation collection services. Had provided figures on the revenues that the city collected from garbage and brush services and highlighted the cost comparison of privatizing the residential and commercial personnel services. Commission would hold a workshop to discuss in full how this would affect the city and would like to hear from the employess.
  • Discussion to purchace two used side loader sanitation trucks

    City Manager Francisco Castellanos indicated the city had purchased a used truck from the city of McAllen and staff was recommending purchashing one or two uesed trucks for $25,000 each.
  • Discussion to amend contract with BFI to pick up solid waste

    After BFI proved to maintain same cost to the public and the city haveing to maintain a $200,000 payment annually to maintain the city's sold waste collection operation it would be to the best interest of the city to privitize the solid waste pick up to BFI.
  • Motion to enter negotions with BFI for solid wast pick up

    Motion made by mayor pro-Tem Cuellar seconded by Commissioner Rivera to authorize City Manager Leo Olivarez to vegotiate with BFI WITH THE TERMS OF THE CURRENT CONTRACT A RATE TO COLLECT THE REISENTIAL GARBAVE FOR the City of Weslaco.
    Motion made by Commissioner tAFOLLA AND SECONDED BY cOMMISSIONER Rodriguez to table the item.