Citizenship Education In The UK

  • *White Paper - Excellence In Schools*

    Promised to "strengthen the teaching of citizenship education in schools"
  • * The Crick Report *

    Education For Citizenship And The Teaching Of Democracy In School
  • Introduced into primary school education

    A non- statutory component of education, along with PSHE. A cross- curiccula subject.
  • Citizenship education is compulsory for 11-16 year olds

    Made a statutory component of the national curriculum for key stage 3 pupils
  • Every Child Matters Green Paper

    One of the core principles "making a positive contribution" can be implemented through the teaching citizenship education
  • The Ajegbo Report

    Curriculum review of diversity and citizenship
  • *National Curriculum Review*

    The review under the new coalition government means that citizenship education may become an optional subject ,rather than compulsory
  • *National Foundation for Educational Research study*

    Ten year long study tracking a sample of students who were among the first to recieve compulsory citizenship education.