Citizen ship

By glegg12
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    African American's became citizens

    In 1860, republicans won the control of the white house and insisted that " free blacks" were indeed citizens of the united stated
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    Civil rights act

    In 1866 all races born in united states, were given citizenship in the united states and also the states they were born in!
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    Civil rights cases

    This was explaining how African Americans were left out of private dinners, or other activities that were owned by private owners, this act gave the right to all races to be not be denied access.
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    Puerto Rico

    In 1917 the Jones-Shafroth gave the right of citizenship to residents of Puerto Rico.
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    In 1952, the gov't requires all alien adults to register with the government to be able to become legal citizens
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    Immigration relations

    In 1965, Hart-Celler abolishes the National origins quota system, bases it off of immigrants skills and relations.