Chronological Axis of social and historical aspects

  • History of the realism

    The realism started in Germany, the nation transformated from a rural society to an urban society, an agrarian society to an industrial country.
  • Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens is a very important writer of realism in century XIX , one of the most famous books by Charles Dickens is '' Oliver Twist'',this book is about a orphan children and he had a lot of works with diferrents people, he have a others famous books like
    '' A christmas story''
  • Socio-political realism

    Legal realism is the theory that law is made by human beings and subject to human imperfections
  • Victorian Era

    The ''Victorian Era'' was the period of Queen Victoria's, the Victorian Era style of clothing but ended in 1912, it was a time of peace, prospety , refined sensibilited and national self-confidence for Britain.
  • Literary Realism

    In general ''realism'' opted for authors realistics,for depictions of everyday, and banal activities and experiences, instead of a romanticized.
  • Pictures of Realism

    In general realism representated characters, situations, dilemmas and objects of the real life, the pictures have a objective reality, the pictures don't need a interpretation.