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Christian Dior

  • Birth in Granville, Manche.

    Birth  in Granville, Manche.
    Born in Granville, Manche.
  • Period: to

    Christian Dior's Life

  • Schooling

    He studied Political Science at the Ecole des Sciences Politiques.
  • Illness

    Christian Dior contracted tuberculosis.
  • Began Fashion Career

    Began Fashion Career
    In Paris he began his design career by selling fashion sketches.
  • Hired by Robert Piguet

    Hired by Robert Piguet
  • Worked for Lucien Lelong

    Worked for Lucien Lelong
    He returned to Paris, and got a new job there. This was a much larger design house and a step up for him.
  • Dior's first design house

    Dior's first design house
    This house was backed by textile manufacturer Marcel Boussac.
  • First Collection

    First Collection
    He created the New Look, this was a dress with rounded shoulders, with a cinched waist, and a full skirt.
  • Recieved Neiman Marcus Award

    Recieved Neiman Marcus Award
  • First fragrance

    First fragrance
    His fragrance was called Miss Dior.
  • Licensed Production

    Licensed Production
    He arranged licensed production of things like furs, ties, and clothing in regionally seperate production centers.
  • New assistant

    New assistant
    He hired Yves Saint Laurent as an assistant.
  • H-line

    This year, the H-line dress was his collection.
  • Award

    He recieved Parsons School of Design Distinguished Achievement award.
  • Death

    He died in Montecatini, Italy.