Chicago Public Library

  • Period: 400 to

    The Creation of Books

    The first recorded date of written books were on clay tablets around 3000 BCE. But the first BOUND books weren't made until 400 CE.
  • Period: May 1, 1395 to Feb 3, 1468

    Johannes Gutenberg

    Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press and used it to create the first bound Bible.
  • The Great Chicago Fire

    The Great Chicago Fire
    The Chicago Public Library was created directly from the ashes of the great Chicago Fire that happened on October 8, 1871.
  • Chicago Public Library Established

    Chicago Public Library Established
    Chicago City Council passes an ordinance stating the establishment of The Chicago Public Library.
  • CPL Opens

    CPL Opens
    I couldn't find the day, but the Chicago Public Library formally opened its doors in January of 1873. On the southwest corner of LaSalle and Adams streets in a circular water tank that had survived the fire. .
  • Invention of Personal Computers

    Invention of Personal Computers
    You might ask yourself, "Why was the invention of personal computers important to a library?" And the answer is, that you wouldn't be able to go to your local library and get on a computer if it was never invented. People wouldn't know the Internet like they do today!
  • Branches of the Chicago Public Library System

    Branches of the Chicago Public Library System
    There are 78 branches of the Chicago Library System located throughout Chicago, IL.
  • CPL Today

    CPL Today
    The CPL system is there for anyone that requires a book, the use of the Internet, or just to go relax and read.
  • Facts about the CPL

    Facts about the CPL
    of Librarians - 257.55, # of Printed Books - 5,521,854, There are 1,800 computers in the whole system that are able to connect to the Internet. And 2,600,000 people use the Internet on those computers.
  • The Purpose of Libraries Today

    The Purpose of Libraries Today
    I think that the purpose of libraries is to give people a way to relax, or an escape from the world of electronics.