Timeline created by Aguilar Ugalde Asul Ahouvit
  • Explosion

    At 1:23 a.m. the atomic core of reactor number 4 at the Chernobyl plant in Ukraine bursts due to handling errors. It destroys the building, from which radioactive smoke comes out.
  • Pollution

    The radioactive cloud is contaminating Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
  • Stop fire

    Stop fire
    A fleet of helicopters drops 5,000 tons of materials to put out the fire.
  • Prípiat

    1200 army buses appear in the city of Pripyat, 3 km from the central, evacuating the 50 000 inhabitants.
  • Decontamination

    He started the decontamination of the site with the support of 600 000 liquidators, which was composed of firemen, workers, scientists, geologists and specialists from the nuclear industry.
  • End of radioactive material

    End of radioactive material
    Radioactive material is no longer released into the atmosphere.
  • Evacuation

    The evacuation of all the inhabitants of Chernobyl is carried out.
  • Reactor 2 fire

    Reactor 2 fire
    Reactor 2 at Chernobyl burns down, destroying the engine room.
  • Consequences

    About 830,000 men participated in tasks at the plant and in the surrounding area, suffering high levels of radiation, 200,000 people died and the rest suffered from immune system degradation, cancers and disorders of the immune and respiratory systems.
  • Agreement

    Ukraine, G7 group and the European Union sign a protocol to close the Chernobyl plant.
  • Absolute cancellation

    Absolute cancellation
    Final closure of the Chernobyl plant.
  • New sarcophagus

    New sarcophagus
    Novarka, a French consortium, won the tender to build a new steel sarcophagus, because over time the sarcophagus built around reactor 4 degraded due to radiation, which would have great consequences.
  • End of site decontamination

    End of site decontamination
  • Construction of the second sarcophagus begins

    Construction of the second sarcophagus begins
  • Second sarcophagus in action

    Second sarcophagus in action
    The second sarcophagus begins to operate.
  • Future

    The destruction of the old structure at Chernobyl is expected to be completed.