Cheated by Patrick Jones, fiction, 197

  • Cheated,Patrick Jones, fiction,196

    chapter 1 pages 1-33 The first chapter is about a high school boy named Mick who is going through a rough time in life because his girlfriend broke up him. He has just woken up feeling horrible because he had drank the night before and he woke with a hangover.
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    a couple days before mick had gotten drunk he was going out with a girl named whitney. whitney had found out that mick wa scheating on her and they broke up. now mick wants whitney back really bad and he tries to talk to her but she wont listen.
    that day he went to school a kid named garret was talking about micks mom so mick beat him up and ran out of the pages 34- 75 total (pages 75)
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    mick lies to his mom about homecoming and he doesnt even have a date. mick tells his mom that hes still with whitney so he can get money for his suit. instead of spending the money on a suit he buya liquor with it. he decides that that was a smart idea so he asks his dad for money pages 76-108 (total pages 108)
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    when mick gets the money from his dad he calls his friends up brody and aaron and they go to aarons sisters house and drink. they start smoking and having a good time when mick goes to the bathroom and sees a picture of aarons family. he notices there are two guys in the picture aarons dad and brother but they ddidnt know he had a borther so mick asks aaron who the guy was. aaron didnt wnat to answer. he finally did and explained it was his brother. read pages 109 - 136 ( total pages 136)
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    when aaron tells the true story of what happened to his brother and dad everything gets crazy. he explains his dads in jail and his brother was killed by his dad. mick and brody thought his dad had ran away and they never even knew he had a brother. aaron gets emotional and knocks over the beer on the table and it was the only beer so they gad to clean up and go get more. pages read 137-150 total pages 150
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    all f the boys went to the store to get more beer and realized they werent old enough so they found the neighborhood hobo and aske dim to buy it for them. so he did and he was given a couple of beers. when the boys got there beer the hobo walked away into a forest. the boys then sit on the sidewalk and start drinking the beer when they realized the hobo took a couple of buckes so brody got pissed and went chasing after the hobo. when he found him he started beating him.pages read 150-169
  • pages read 169- 180

    brody started beating the hobo with a brick and jumping on him. brody started punching and kicking him so aaron joined in. mick didnt know what to do so he stood and watched. after a while of beating up the hobo they were out of breath so they stopped. then thats when they realized they had killed him. they all didnt know what to do so mick panicked and lit him on fire. they all then went home like nothing happened.
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    after the incident they didnt know wether to talk about it or not so they rarely did. after a couple weeks had passed they didnt talk abou until they one day they came home from school. the cops were at all of there houses. they took all of the kids with them to juvi. they tried to get the story out of what happened and everybody told the story besides mick. it took a while for tthem to get mick to speak and when they did he told the truth and aaron and brody went to prison and mick only got cha