Chase Clack- The United States Inventions from 1870 to 1920

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  • Typewriter and QWERTY Keyboard

    Typewriter and QWERTY Keyboard
    Christopher Scholes created the first kepboard with the use of "QWERTY" as the first 6 letters of the keyboard. His keyboard is still used today in the majority of computer keyboards.
  • Invention of the Telephone

    Invention of the Telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell invented and patented the very first telephone in 1876. The first words spoken were, "Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you."
  • The Phonograph

    The Phonograph
    Thomas Edison created the first phonograph in 1877. The phonograph worked by translating the air vibrations created by the human voice into minute indentations on a sheet of tinfoil placed over a metallic cylinder, and the machine could then reproduce the sounds which had caused the indentations.
  • Invention of the Lightbulb

    Invention of the Lightbulb
    Thomas Edison was the first man to invent a lightbulb that was safe enough to be put in houses. His idea was patent on January 27,1880.
  • The first automobile

    The first automobile
    Charles and Frank Furyea built the first gasoline-powered automobile in 1893. The brothers built their first car in a workshop located in a building in downtown Springfield, MA. Their new invention was rolled onto the city streets for testing in September 1893. It sported a one-cylinder, gasoline engine and a three-speed transmission mounted on a used horse carriage. It could achieve a top speed of 7.5 mph.
  • First Airplane

    First Airplane
    The first airplane was invented by Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903. They carried a man that descended on its own power with no harm.