Charlottetown Conference

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  • Departure

    The 'Queen Victoria' left Quebec City for Charlottetown Conference with several important Canadian Poloticians. Among them were George Brown, John A. Macdonald, George Cartier, Alexander Galt, and D'Arcy McGee.
  • Beggining

    The Charlottetown Conference began
  • Arrival

    The poloticians arrive at the harbour and are greated by W. H. Pope who rows out to them.
  • Second day of conference

    Second day of conference
    First meeting of the conference takes place. George Cartier speaks about "the arguments in favour of confederation."
  • Third day of the conference

    Third day of the conference
    A. T. Galt speaks about "how finances could be arranged in the united provinces."
  • Second Speaker

    Second Speaker
    George Cartier speaks about "the Canada of the Future."
  • Third Speaker

    Third Speaker
    George Brown speaks about " the dream of Canada, Atlantic to Pacific."
  • Fourth Day of the conference

    Fourth Day of the conference
    All politicions got a day of rest from the conference because back then, sunday was a very religious day and nobody generally worked.
  • Fith Day of Conference

    Fith Day of Conference
    George Brown speaks about " the powers of the General Government and the Powers of the Local Government in Confederation."
  • Sixth Day

    Sixth Day
    They discussed the "other reasons for confederation."
  • Seventh Day

    Seventh Day
    The Martime Delegates report on their desicion about Confederation.
  • Eighth Day of Conference

    Eighth Day of Conference
    Supper and Grand Ball with lobster dinner, speaches and dancing.
  • Last Day

    Everyone left the conference.
  • Period: to

    The Cherlottetown conference

    The Charlottetown conference started on the first of september, 1864 and ended on the ninth of september, 1864.