Charlie Gordon

  • Progris Report 1

    This is Charlie's first report and he is hoping that he will be able to be chosen. "I hope they use me. Miss Kinnian says maybe they can me me smart. I want to be smart." (371)
  • Progris Report 2

    Charlie had to take a "raw shok" test today and he thinking he flunked. He was very scared at the time. "I was very skared even tho I had my rabits foot in my pockt because when I was a kid I always flaed tests in school and I spilled ink to." (371)
  • Progris Report 3

    Even though Charlie might have failed all those tests that day, he still believed that they were going to use him. "Miss Kannian told that i was her best pupil in the aduly nite scool becaus I tryed the hardist and I reely wantid to lern."(372)
  • Progris Report 4

    Charlie is going to be used! He is very thrilled and excited he could barley write! Dr. Strauss thought Charlie has something very special he said he had a good" Motor- Vation" "Algernons motor-vation is the cheese they put in his box. But it can't be because I didn't eat any cheese this week."(374)
  • Progris Report 5

    Charlie was scared. He was very hungry. They took away his box of candy. Charlie wasn't fully aware of the rules either. "You can't eat before the operashun"... (375)
  • Progress Report 6

    "the operashun dint hurt. He did it while I was sleeping. They took of the bandijis from my eyes and my head today so I can make a progress report." Charlie has a very bad memory and he can't quite remember what happened to him. (376)
  • Progress Report 7

    "Nothing is happining" Charlie has had lots and lots of tests and races with Algeron. Unfortanetly, Algeron always beats him. "I got a headache from trying to think so much. I thot Dr Strauss was my frend but he dont help me." (376)
  • Progress Report 8

    "Im going back to the factery. they said it was better I shud go back to work but I cant tell anyone what the operashaun was for and I have to come to the hospitil for an hour every night after work." Charlie is excited that he is going back to work because he misses his friends and all the fun that was there. (376)
  • March 29th

    Charlie was very frustrated and tired. "That crazy TV kept me up all night. How can I sleep with something yelling crazy things all night in my ears?"
  • April 9th

    " I saw Miss Kinnian at the laboratory. She looked like she was glad to see me but scared. It's okay Miss Kinnian im not smat yet and she laffed." She said that she ahd confidence in Charlie the way he struggled so hart to read and write so hard better than all the others.
  • April 15th

    "Miss Kinnian says im lerning fast." Charlie is very happy that she likes his work and he says "all my frends are smart people but theyre good."
  • April 20th

    charlie is very sad he feels sick. "I feel sick inside. Not sick like for a doctor, but inside my chest it feels empty like getting punched and a heartburn at the same time." This was the first time he stayed home from work. He is ashamed.