Charles Sanders Pierce

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  • Birth of Charles

    Charles was born september 10th 1839 in Cambridge Maine. His father was Benjamin Peirce, a mathematical Harvard astronomer. His mother was Sarah Hunt MIlls was the daughter of a senator. He lived a very privileged live where he struggled for nothing. His father regularly had scientist, mathematics, ext around the house so his good work was always noticed.
  • graduation

    Charles graduated from Harvard and then stayed longer to get his masters in art.
  • school continues

    school continues
    He went to Harvard Lawrance scientific school not long after that. After school he went to join his father Benjamin at the U.S Coastal Survey
  • lectures

    He discovered a lecture series and went to lowell institute teaching yearly at the age of just 26. His overall theory was the scientific method is the only way to fix belief, eradicate doubt and process toward a final steady state.
  • Becoming More

    Becoming More
    The profession on the Boolean Logic is what gained him the respect and attention from the British Logicans. The Academy of Arts and Science was what had elected him his membership.
  • first response

    Charles published his responses to Kant's system of categories and descartes account of knowledge, science, and doubt.
  • Period: to

    back at it

    In 1869 he took himself back to Harvard. He published his first book called 1878 Photometric Research. He was analytic and scientific devoted to find evidential proof to his findings.
  • Caught

    Charles was caught having a affair with a french mistress. His wife received the news and just couldn't bare it so she left and went for her divorce. He moved in with his mistress where he fought for his divorce to end in 1883 in which he married his mistress 6 days after the divorce was finalized.
  • Period: to

    And Another One

    He started writing series not much longer after that. He started the popular Scientific Monthly series. Shortly after that he published 1883 Studies in Logic.
  • Oh Brother

    Oh Brother
    Around 1883 he started doing work on U.S Coastal and Harvard observation that caused some tension. U.S Coastal party was nepotistic and expensed other meant that achieved what they wanted.
  • losing work

    losing work
    By 1883 after everything was said and done he was forced to withdraw his research on philosophy and resign from his position. He was losing all his assets and the only career he had ever known.
  • Lost it all

    By 1891 he was living on a Pennsylvania farm that he had purchased prior from inheritance and was now broke. He turned to hardship and isolation with his french mistress. Nobody would hire him, Harvard just could not forgive him.
  • His death

    His death
    Charles wrote about philosophy until his very last breath. He died unappreciated by all but few in 1914 from cancer.