Characterisation Timeline of Paul Crabbe’s Life

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    Characterisation Timeline

  • Introduction and Meeting between Paul and Eduard

    Introduction to Keller, the first music lesson. Initial meeting between Paul Crabbe and Eduard Keller.
  • Second/Third Music Lesson

    Paul is annoyed that he is not allowed to play anything. Keller’s teaching methods are quite bizarre.
  • Paul call Keller a Nazi

    Paul is getting increasingly frustrated with Keller’s teaching,
  • Paul’s Sexual Awakening

    Paul falls in love with Megan Murray. His interest in Megan is sexual.
  • Keller goes to dinner at Paul's parents house.

    Keller goes to dinner at their house to celebrate Paul's A+ result on the piano exam. Everyone praises Paul except for Keller.
  • Intermezzo

    Paul and his parents go to Adelaide for a vacation. Paul visits the library to look up information on Keller and witnesses a couple having sex in the library stacks.
  • Paul prepares for the End of the World

    Rosie Zolla moves to Darwin and is attracted to Paul.
  • The concert in the Botanical Gardens

    Paul’s parents organise a performance by the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra. Keller arrives very drunk . Rosie sits with Paul and during the performance they become aware of their mutual sexual attraction.
  • Paul's First Sexual Experience

    Paul makes love to Megan Murray who he finds limited as a partner. He then makes love to Rosie starting a lifelong passionate relationship.
  • Paul goes to Adelaide

    Keller enters him in a piano competition. Keller goes with him as his accompanist.
  • Keller goes to dinner at Paul's house

    Keller and Paul have returned to Darwin. Keller has started drinking again and Paul decides what to do after he leaves school.
  • Vienna

    Paul searches for the real Keller. While travelling in Austria, Paul remembers the last conversation with Keller and begins to piece together the fragments of Keller’s life.
  • Paul visits Henisch

    Henisch tells Paul that Keller played for the Nazis in 1938 and what happened to Mathilde and Eric. He believes Keller is dead because he was imprisoned in Auschwitz.
  • Keller's Death

    Paul sits with the dying Keller. The novel ends with a nostalgic yearning for the past.