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    Chapter 7 Timeline

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  • Lancastrian Model

    In early 19th century new York the Lancastirian model became standard. On e master had charged of up to hundreds of students. Teaching them obedience and other qualities that wuld aid in manufacturing work.
  • Free public schools

    Massachusetts votes to make the first free public schooling system/
  • Board of education

    Massachusetts creates the first public board of education.
  • Urbanization

    By this point the number of people migrating to urban areas was greater than ever, increasing the need for public schools.
  • Department of education

    The federal department of education is established.
  • "Separate but equal"

    With the conclusion of the Plessy vs Ferguson it is deemed that African American children should receive separate education from the White kids.
  • Native Aerican given rights.

    Native Americans are given rights as us citizens for the first time allowing them access to education.
  • Acadeic Tracks

    Schools start to sort between different students in new academic tracks.
  • G.I. Bill

    After world war two, Many young men are given scholarships for higher education.
  • Brown vs the Board of Education

    Segregated schools are deemed inherently unequal and abolished.
  • First day of school

    The state of Arkansas responds to a court order to desegregate schools by sending the national guard to prevent black students from entering a school.
  • No child left behind

    This bill pushed through by George Bush aimed at improving schools and judging effectiveness of learning environments.