chapter 7 outline

  • Christopher Sholes

    invented the first practical typewriter
  • Rowland Hussey Rowland Hussey Macy, Sr

    invented macys department store
  • Elisha Otis

    was an American industrialist, founder of the Otis Elevator Company
  • John D. Rockefeller

    He was the founder of the Standard Oil Company
  • Social Darwinism

    various ideologies that seek to apply biological concepts associated with Darwinism or other evolutionary theories to sociology, economics and politics
  • Ottmar Mergenthaler

    better model of typwriter
  • Alexander Graham Bell

    invented a phone
  • Thomas Edison

    invented the light bulb
  • Gustavis Swift

    founded a refrigarated railroad car
  • Frank Winfield Woolworth

    founder of Foot Locker
  • Joel Tiffany

    ice-cooled car
  • George Eastman

    developed the handheld camera
  • Andrew Carnegie

    led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry