Chapter 6: The American Revolution

  • Declaration of Independence is signed

  • Patriots capture Hessians at Trenton

    Washington took 2,400 troops across the icy Delaware river and suprised and captured more than 900 inebriated Hessians.
  • General Burgoyne surrenders at The Battle of Saratoga

    Howe's forces were still in Philly and Patriots stopped St. Leger at Fort Stanwix, leaving Burgoyne stranded.
  • Period: to

    Winter at Valley Forge

    washington's troops spent a brutal winter at valley forge which was 20 miles west of the british camp.
  • France allies with the Americans

    british defeat at saratoga convinces france to side with the US
  • George Rogers Clark captures Vincennes

  • Spain declares war on Britain

  • the SERAPIS surrenders to John Paul Jones

    John Paul Jones' ship is the BONHOMME RICHARD, namew after benjamin franklin
  • Britain takes Charles Town

  • French troops arrive in the colonies

  • Patriots defeat British at Cowpens

  • Washington begins advance to Yorktown

  • Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown

  • Treaty of Paris is signed

    Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams represented the US in negotiations to etablish the treaty. the terms were the territory of the us went rrom the atlantiv to the mississippi and from canada to spanish florida. the British promised to withdraw all troops and they could collect debts owed by americans. property take from loyalists would be returned to them