Chapter 15, The Civil War

By jrabe21
  • Period: to

    Secession and The Civil War

  • Secession begins

    South Carolina becomes the first state to secede from the Union
  • Period: to

    Deep South secedes

    the rest of the Deep SOuth follows in South Carolina's fotsteps and decides to secede
  • Period: to

    Upper South Secedes

    A majority of the Upper South decides to secede from the Union and join the Confederate war for independence
  • Fort Sumter assault

    The Sothern army in Charleston opens fire on Ft. Sumter when Lincoln tried to send supplies to the soldiers. First attack of the Civil War and it formally begins the war after the Union soldiers were forced to surrender
  • Bull Run

    The SOuthwins their first battle of the Civil War after being led by Stonewall Jackson
  • Capture of fort Henry and Donelson

    Ulysses S. Grant took control of forts Henry and Donelson
  • New Orleans

    Farragut captures New Orleans after he fought and won a battle against the South
  • Bull Run 2

    The South wins another decisive battle at Bull Run against the Union army
  • Antietam

    McClellan defeats Lee at battle of Antietam, which was known as the single bloodiest day in the entire war
  • Fredericksburg

    Lee defeats the Union army at Fredericksburg which became one of there main wins in the war, however, they would eventually lose the war
  • Lincoln issues the final Emancipation Proclamation

    The emancipation proclamation issued that any SOuthern area that was captured by the Union would release all the slaves and they would then become free, many had joined the Union army though
  • Gettysburg and Vicksburg

    These battles are considered the turning points of the war because the North sent the South back to Virginia and took over the Mississippi River
  • Chatanooga

    Grant defeats Confederate forces at Chatanooga, further giving the North theability to win the war
  • Period: to

    Northern Virginia battles

    Grant and Lee fight numerous times in Northern Virginia with Grant winning and pushing Lee and his forces further back into the South
  • Atlanta falls

    Sherman begins his march to the Sea and on the way, he takes over and burns Atlanta to the grounds
  • 1864 election

    Lincol is reelected and defeats his former general, Mcclellan
  • Period: to

    Sherman march

    Sherman marches to the Sea through Georgia, burning everything in his path except for Savannah
  • 13th amendment

    Cogress passes the 13th amendment in which slavery is formally abolished in the entire United States
  • Lincoln assassinated

    While Lincoln was in a theater, John Wilkws Booth came up from behind him and shot him,while Booth died just days later
  • Petersburg and Richmond

    After Grant captured Petersburg and the capital, Richmond, Lee surrendered all forces to the Union at Appomattox
  • Period: to

    Remaining forces surrender

    All remaining COnfederate forces surrender to the Union and the war officially has come to a close