Changing in Education - Public Schools and Higher Education

  • Morrill Act

    This act gave states federal land grants specifically to use to create state-sponsored higher education
  • Department of Education Created

    The DOE was created to help states establish public schools.
  • Charles W. Eliot becomes the President of Harvard

    With Eliot becoming president of Harvard, he reduced the number of required courses and introduces electives to the college.
  • Founding of John Hopkins University

    This was the first institution in America to specialize in advanced graduate studies.
  • Second Morrill Act

    This act forced states to prove that race was not a factor in admissions. If it was, the state was forced to use a land grant to create a college specifically for African Americans.
  • Literacy Rate in America Reaches 90%

    Thanks to compulsory education laws in the later 1800s, the literacy rate increased to 90% by 1900.