chalender/scienticfiic revoution

  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to

    Scientific Revolution

    Her are some of the important scientific advances made during the scientific Revolution
  • Nov 8, 1543

    Heliocentric Model

    Copernicus published his theory on the heliocentric model which states that the sun was the center of the universe
  • pierr

    mercury across the dise of the sun his data from mercury were used by boulliau
  • christiaan

    pendulum clock opens the possibillty of demtermiming the equation of time directly, wich would side-step key difficulties associated with a key problem of planetary theory, solar parallax.
  • experiment

    In his experiment on the generation of insects the noted italian francesco redi 1626-1679 showed that insects and other forms of life are not generated spontaneously.