Chair Styles Through History

Timeline created by SusieWes
In History
  • Windsor Chair

    Windsor Chair
    Copied after furniture popular during reign of King James of England
    Local woods such as pine, poplar, cherry, maple, oak.
    Handles and ornamentation made of wood; no metals being imported from England early on.
    Ornamentation of furniture included:
    Chip carving
    primitive painting
    bulbous turnings
    moldings of split spindles
    and egg-shaped bosses.
  • Period: to

    Chairs through the Ages

  • Pennsylvania Dustch Chair

    Pennsylvania Dustch Chair
    First assembly line produced chair in New England by Lambert Hitchcock
    Usually painted black with turned legs and rush seat
    Based on Sheraton Empire forms
    Backs made with horizontal rails and vertical slats.
    Backs originally hand painted by women, but later stenciled.
    Also produced and painted by the Pennsylvania Dutch
  • Georgian: Willaim and Mary Chair

    Georgian: Willaim and Mary Chair
    Leather seats
    Nail head trim
    Block and Ball carved legs
    Spanish Grooved Foot
  • Georgian: Queen Anne Chair

    Georgian: Queen Anne Chair
    Cabriole Leg
    Smooth Knee
    Pad foot
    Curved Shoulders
    Vase shaped Splat
  • Georgian: Chippendale Chair

    Georgian: Chippendale Chair
    Carved, pierced
    Pointed shoulders
    Ball and claw foot
    or Marlboro Leg
  • Shaker: Slat Back Rocker

    Shaker: Slat Back Rocker
    Well Crafted, by hand; utilitarian; no decoration; very collectible today.
  • Federal: Sheraton Chair

    Federal: Sheraton Chair
    Kept chair backs with straight lines and square shapes.
    Kept backs as open as possible.
    Single cross rails, vertical uprights and trellis effect.
    Tapered legs including spade toe.
    Turned legs with reeding became a fashionable form of decoration.
    Shield back with straight top.
  • Federal: Hepplewhite Chair

    Federal: Hepplewhite Chair
    Shield Back Chairs
    Thin, square, tapered leg
  • American Empire: Regency Chair

    American Empire: Regency Chair
    Formal style
    Dark, polished woods
    Splayed Legs
    Harp back chairs
    Curved/rounded backs on chairs
    Pedastal bases on tables
    Animal motifs
    Gold detailing
  • Victorian: Henry Belter Chair

    Victorian: Henry Belter Chair
    Bent with steam and pressure, frame could be elaborately carved in lacelike appearance.
  • Arts and Crafts

    Arts and Crafts
    Furniture made of oak
    Vertical back slats, straight flat arms
    Leather seats
  • Art Deco: Club Chair

    Art Deco: Club Chair
    club chair in blonde walnut
    clean and minimal design
  • International: Barcelona Chair

    International:  Barcelona Chair
    Architectural in style
    Use of chrome & glass
    Neutral colors
    Bold color accents
    Art/Sculpture as focal point
    Minimalist look