Ceoll Theory Alex Bowen

  • Jansen

    Invented compound microscope
  • Hooke

    Coined term cell
  • Redi

    Proved rotting meat cant turn into flies
  • Leeuwenhoek

    First to observe bacteria and protozoa
  • Trembly

    Discovered polyp could produce
  • Wolff

    Generalized cell theory
  • Turpin

    Plant tissue makes individuality of plants
  • Raspial

    Every cell came from preexisting cell
  • Meyen

    Distinguished types of tissue
  • Brown

    discoverd nucleus function
  • Mohl

    Nucleus is in cytoplasm
  • Schwann

    All living things are made of cells
  • Scheleiden

    Importance of cell nucleus
  • Durochet

    All living things are made of cells
  • Virchow

    recognized lukeemea cells
  • Mendel

    Father of genetics
  • Pasteur

    Prevented milk and wine from making people sick
  • Remak

    Isolated cell membrane
  • Schneider

    Cell division
  • Golgi

    Described golgi apparatus