Cellular Phones

By NotNeo
  • Period: to

    Evolution of the Cell-Phone

  • The telephone is invented

    The telephone is invented
    Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone, beating Elisha Gray by just a couple of hours.
  • First commercial telephone

    First commercial telephone
    The Bell Telephone Company is invented, and they sell telephones and services.
  • Telephone Numbers

    Telephone Numbers
    Subscribers began to be designated by numbers and not their names.
  • First Coin-Operated telephone

    First Coin-Operated telephone
    The first coin-operated telephone was installed in Hartford, Connecticut. This was designed by William Gray.
  • First Rotary-Dial telephone

    First Rotary-Dial telephone
    This telephone was the first to be able to dial. You rotate the dial to type in a number.
  • Dial Pad telephone

    Dial Pad telephone
    The rotary-style dial feature got replaced with a new dial pad. This new design includes only 10 buttons, with no star or asterisk.
  • First cordless telephone

    First cordless telephone
    The first cordless telephone was the Trimline. It was designed as a small combined phone set with a small rotary dial to save space.
  • Second generation of Cell Phones

    Second generation of Cell Phones
    The second generation of cell phones (Mobile Phones) arises in 1990, cell phones with extended batteries and better sound quality.
  • First Smart-Phone

    First Smart-Phone
    The first smartphone, made by Hurtado, was the Ericsson 6588. This phone adds sms and a touch screen.
  • Added texting

    Added texting
    Nokia released the 90001 Communicator with a full "QWERTY" keyboard.
  • One-Hundred Million Phones

    One-Hundred Million Phones
    Over 100,000,000 mobile phones are owned and sold
  • First IPhone

    First IPhone
    Steve Jobs releases the first of many iPhones, opening the doors to a new way people connect.