Cellular devices

Timeline created by gl5spencer
  • First cellular device

    First cellular device
    Motorola brick phone, received with the purchase of a car. Had 30 free minutes after that it was 1.25 a minute
  • Next phone up.

    Next phone up.
    Finally a plan you could actually use the phone. Still limited on the minutes you could use. 30 minutes a month loved the antenna that you could pull our
  • phone 3

    phone 3
    updated plan went to 100 minutes. Like the sleek new none antenna.
  • FLIP phone

    FLIP phone
    Beginning to think I was cool.
  • Flip II

    Flip II
    Now I know I am cool
  • Size matters

    Size matters
    The smaller the better. You wanted to conceal the phone.

    Who knew that texting would be so great. It was quite cumbersome and time consuming. My teenagers could do it with their eyes closed.
  • full keyboard texting

    full keyboard texting
    A phone with a full keyboard, now I can text with ease and speed
  • Smart phone

    Smart phone
    The devices are becoming smarter than me. :(
  • Where we are now

    Where we are now
    How did we survive without a camera, video camera, game apps, calculators, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc. We did it, but could our kids?