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  • First Microscope

    First Microscope
    Dutch lens grinders Hans and Zacharias Janssen make the first microscope by placing two lenses in a tube.
  • Robert Hooke

    Robert Hooke
    Robert Hooke studied a thin slice of cork and found that it had cells (pores) in it.
  • Von Leewenhoek

    Von Leewenhoek
    Von Leewenhoke invented the single lens microscope.
  • Theodor Schwan

    Theodor Schwan
    Theodor declared that "All living things are composed of cells and cell products.
  • Mattias Scheiden

    Mattias Scheiden
    In 1838 Mattias stated that the different parts of the plant organism are composed of cells. He also recognized the importance of the cell nucleus and how it created new cells.
  • Cell Theory

    Cell Theory
    All cells come from pre-existing cells, Cells are the main building blocks of all living things, All living things are made up of cells, The wllbeing of an orginism depends on the well being of it's cells.
  • Rudolf Virchow

    Rudolf Virchow
    All cells come from pre-existing cells.
  • Electron Microscope

    Electron Microscope
    It has much higher magnification power than a normal light microscope.
  • Worlds Smallest Microscope (LUCAS)

    Worlds Smallest Microscope (LUCAS)
    The LUCAS generates holographic images of cells by employing a light-emitting diode to light up the objects and a digital sensor array to take their pictures.
  • Motorized Stereo Microscope

    Motorized Stereo Microscope
    The Motorized Sterio Microscope takes multiple pictures from different layers to make a 3-D picture.