causes of the second world war

  • the wall street crash

    the great depression in US affected the rest of the world and then became a most important cause of the farilure of the league of nation.
  • Hitler became the chancellor of Germany

    Hitler came to power in Germany and promised he will made Germany strong again
  • rearmament in Germany

    Hitler baegan rearmament in Germany by conscription ,Germans were willing to join in
  • the Saar plebiscite

    Finally , 90% of the population voted to return to Germany (we do not have exact time)
  • sent troops into the Rhineland

    This was a risky movement because at that time France and League of Nation was on the Abyssinian Crisis, so at some points th Rhineland was belonged to Germany.
  • Tried out German new weapons in Spanish Civil War

    Hitler wanted to tried out Germany's aircrafts and he pumped whole Spanish.
  • Hitler invaded Austria

    Hitler tried to take over Austria in 1934 but was prevented by Mussolini. There was also a plebiscite in Austria , and 97.5%the people of Austria agreed to became German.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Hitler promised he would not fight with Russia in the next 18 months.
  • Hiter invaded Poland.

    The Appeasement encouraged Hitler to be more aggressive
  • France and Britain fought back with Germany

    In the Appeasement , Hitler promised that he would not invaded Poland , but Hitler did not deliever on his promise , he invaded Poland , so Britain and France fought back with Germany.
  • Appeasement

    Britain and France followed a policy of Appeasement by given what Hitler wanted.