Caricaturas evolución


  • Hokey the wolf

    Hokey the wolf
    Hokey the wolf is a character who appeals to the easy life and who is always trying to make tricks to benefit. He is accompanied by his little friend Danielito (Ding-A-Ling or "Danielín" as Hokey usually calls him) who appreciates him very much despite the fact that he always sees his scammer friend fail. The Hokey Wolf first appeared in 1960 as a segment on The Huckleberry Hound Show.
  • The flintstones

    The flintstones
    The action takes place in the Stone Age, in a town called ("Bedrock"), but presents a society identical to the American one of the middle of the last century. In a fantastic world, dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, and other now extinct animals coexisted with men. The characters drive cars made of wooden logs (mobile trunks), stone wheels, in which the motor was replaced by the thrust of the feet of its occupants. The clothes were animal skin.
  • The Mighty Hercules

    The Mighty Hercules
    Hercules defeats his friend Theseus in a fighting and running competition held on Mount Olympus. In return, Zeus grants Hercules any wish of his. Hercules asks to go to Earth to fight evil and injustice. Zeus reminds Hercules that if he goes to Earth, he will lose his extraordinary strength and become a mere mortal. To avoid this, Zeus creates a ring that allows Hercules to retain his strength. Hercules must use it every time he meets Earth.
  • The Pink Panther

    The Pink Panther
    It is one of the cartoons of the 60 most current today: the version of the 60 is kept alive and there are several later versions. La Pantera Rosa -The Pink Panther- is part of The Pink Panther Show, in which The Inspector was also presented, and The Ant and the Aardvark, Tijuana Toads and in reality neither the name of the show nor the name of the segments were presented in Spanish in their writing, let us remember that these cartoons were characterized by being practically silent.
  • The Atom Ant

    The Atom Ant
    The atomic ant is not an ordinary ant. He has strange powers, enormous strength, wonderful hearing, the ability to fly. In short, he is a Super Ant, and his mission is to help defend the Earth from the evil ones.
  • Space Ghost

    Space Ghost
    A vigilante from space accompanied by two masked children and their monkey, will enforce justice and help the weakest.
  • Aquaman

    Born of the royal and sorceress Atlantean blood, the infant Prince Orin was abandoned at Mercy Reef for having blond hair, which according to Atlantean myth means the Curse of Kordax. The boy, left to die, was rescued and raised by the dolphin Porm until he found his way into the care of Arthur Curry, a lighthouse keeper.
  • The Banana Splits Adventure

    The Banana Splits Adventure
    The Banana Splits Show was a children's entertainment program created by the producer Hanna-Barbera and that included five animated series of their own production (The Arab Knights, The Three Musketeers, The Island of Danger, The Mountain Bears, Micro-adventures) . These series were presented by four characters dressed as animals who performed music.
  • Batman and Robin

    Batman and Robin
    The series revolves around the adventures that Batman and his assistant Robin live in Gotham City. Batman's secret identity is that of the elegant "millionaire philanthropist" Bruce Wayne, who lived in Wayne Manor on the outskirts of the city, with his young trained Dick Grayson, who was secretly Robin, his faithful butler Alfred, and the Aunt Harriet Cooper. They helped Batman, Batwoman, Police Commissioner Gordo and the Chief of Police.