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  • Cars are Invented

    Cars are Invented
    Cars are invented by Karl Benz
  • First Factory

    First Factory
    ransom E. Olds brings an Automobile manufacturing factory
    To Detroit named “motor city”.
  • Faster manufacturing

    Faster manufacturing
    Ford created the ability to create cars quicker
  • Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning
    Air conditioning in cars are made by Ralph Peo
  • Luxury Cars

    Luxury Cars
    The Studebaker Avanti was the first Luxury car. It featured a fiberglass body, and optimal supercharged engine, and front disc brakes.
  • Fuel delivery is faster

    Fuel delivery is faster
    Better fuel delivery from car to gas with electric fuel injection
  • Seatbelts are added

    Seatbelts are added
    Seatbelts are added to cars by Engineer Nils Bohlin
  • Air Bags

    Air Bags
    Air bags are added by cars by Peter Florjančič
  • Smart Cars

    Smart Cars
    Smart cars are on the market the smart fortwo is the first smart car by "Smart Division" of German Mercedes-Benz Group.