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  • Henry Ford

    WebsiteHenry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company and developer of the Model T, was born in Dearborn Township, Mich. He led American war production with the gigantic facility at Willow Run.
  • Model T

    WebsiteHenry Ford begins making the Model T. First-year production is 10,660 cars. Cadillac is awarded the Dewar Trophy by Britain’s Royal Automobile Club for a demonstration of the precision and interchangeability of the parts from which the car is assembled. Mass production thus makes more headway in the industry.
  • First car body made entirely of steel

  • First air conditioning system added to automobiles

    First air conditioning system added to automobiles
    The Nash Motor Company adds the first air conditioning system to cars.
  • Airbags become standard

    Airbags become standard
    Airbags, introduced in some models in the 1970s, become standard in more cars. Originally installed only on the driver's side, they begin to appear on the front passenger side as well.
  • Antilock braking system (ABS) available on American cars

    Antilock braking system (ABS) available on American cars
    The Lincoln becomes the first American car to offer an antilock braking system (ABS), which is made by Teves of Germany. ABS uses computerized sensing of wheel movement and hydraulic pressure to each wheel to adjust pressure so that the wheels continue to move somewhat rather than "locking up" during emergency braking.
  • Hybrid electric car introduced

    Use electricity to power this car, and was very eco friendly.
  • Cars today

    Cars today are alot safer today then before in time. Although there are more accidents the cars are built to be safe in case of an accident.